Entrustment to the Holy Trinity
As Throne of Merciful Love and Life

I, ___________________________________, entrust myself completely—body, mind, and spirit—to You, Most Holy Trinity, abiding in the Pierced Heart of Jesus, Throne of Merciful Love and Life. Through Your eternal Communion of Persons and Your merciful love and life towards us, I am becoming the person You created me to be. For Your glory and the good of others, I surrender myself with full confidence to You and commit my way during my earthly pilgrimage to the following ideal and code of Christ-like honor:

  • Communion with the Blessed Trinity as the Throne of Merciful Love and Life through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus the Lord in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, using the Church’s means for growing in full union with God: preeminently the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (especially the Sunday Eucharist), the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and prayer;
  • Dedication to Mary, the Mother of God and woman of faith, as Our Lady of Guadalupe, and reverence towards women as vessels of human life; reliance on St. Joseph, husband of Mary and guardian of Jesus; fellowship with St. George, Pier Giorgio Frassati (“man of the Beatitudes”), John Paul II, Juan Diego, Daniel and his Hebrew companions, and all noble men of meek and humble heart, who have done God’s will throughout the ages;
  • Cultivating a noble mind and heart, (1) seeking to know and embrace the truth in all its objective fullness and splendor—especially contemplating the Heart and Face of Christ as glimpsed in the eight Beatitudes¹, and (2) loving, never using, others and all of God’s creation;
  • Fitness of body and spirit for service, dedicating my whole person to loving God in others, especially strong families (with a focus on encouraging fathers, fathers-to-be, and young men in need of fatherly love and guidance);
  • Fellowship with other men who are seeking to lead honorable lives, and with all persons of faith and good will, who are striving by God’s grace to sub-create and co-build a civilization of love and culture of life.

I make (or renew) this entrustment on the ___ day of ________ (month), 20___.

___________________________ _____________________________

signed                                                                            witnessed

Together, we are in God for others!

¹Poor in spirit, mourning, meek, hungering and thirsting after justice, merciful, pure in heart, making peace, persecuted for justice’s sake and on the Lord’s account (Matthew 5: 1-12. For more on the Beatitudes, click here.)