“Men of the Beatitudes” as a Life-Form

A mature Christian person strives continuously, relying on God’s grace, to develop his gifts of body, mind, and spirit.   Men of the Beatitudes is a kind of “mold of the Gospel” into which a person can “pour” his being to become more fully conformed to Christ.

A couple of notes about Men of the Beatitudes as a life-form:

  • Men who have made the Entrustment to God as Merciful Love (“Men of the Beatitudes” or MoBsters) are more fully committed to this framework; however, other men are invited to participate to the degree that their attraction and circumstances allow.
  • While the table isolates elements and dimensions of Men of the Beatitudes (MoB), it is important to remember that MoB is an integral life form that is expressed most succinctly in the prayer that follows.

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