Novena to Pier Giorgio Frassati

by Daniel Murphy on June 26, 2005

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One of our patrons here at Idylls Press, along with Our Lady of Guadalupe, is Pier Giorgio Frassati, a “man of the beatitudes” (and a wonderful “character”!) who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1990. My husband wrote a tribute/prayer to “P.G.”, as he is known in Clan Murphy, which we are saying as a novena for a number of intentions, including the work of Idylls Press to promote Catholic literature. If you would like to pray it with us, we’d be thrilled. The novena will end on the Fourth of July, the eightieth anniversary (1925) of P.G.’s death.

When you are totally consumed by the Eucharistic fire . . .you will enjoy the . . . peace of conscience, which we only have if we are pure of heart and mind.

Pier Giorgio,

Firm in faith
entirely immersed in the mysteries of God
receiving and adoring Jesus in the Holy Eucharist
being bathed in Jesus’ reconciling Blood
going always to Jesus through Mary and relying on Joseph;

Active in charity
honoring your parents with unbelievable filial love
being a companion to Luciana in an “ill-defined (family) nightmare”
making yourself totally available in constant service to others
befriending the poor as a Vincentian confratello;

Giving witness to hope
sharing the stresses of poverty
walking with friends through perplexity
creating boisterous joy among “shady characters”
restoring dignity to the shunned and lonely;

Help us to lead all to the top (“verso l’alto”) of God’s love and life.

Poor in spirit
putting the will and needs of others first;

preparing daily for death;

Courteous and cheerfully self-giving with your beloved poor;

Hungering and thirsting after justice
Acting courageously for just social conditions;

Extending yourself and your resources discreetly to others;

Pure of heart
Leaving your love for Laura undeclared;

Making peace
Drawing your estranged parents together;

Persecuted for justice and Jesus
Consistently underestimated and misunderstood;

Guide us to give flesh and blood to the Beatitudes, communicating God’s love and peace to others.

With Mary and Joseph, we seek your intercession before the Throne of Mercy for our intentions. [Name your intentions hereplease include Idylls Press and a revival of Catholic literature.]
We trust that these intentions will be realized as God wills. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.


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